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Brian L. Badman, M.D.

  • Jeanne Huffman C

    He did my shoulder replacement. Awesome Doctor
  • Sherry Williams F

    Wow!! I wish that had been available when I needed rotator cuff surgery. After having rotator cuff surgery, reverse shoulder replacement surgery was required. Dr Badman did my replacement surgery. I am quite pleased with the outcome.
  • Mary Jane Hahn F

    Very interesting and happy patients have had great results. I have had two rotator cuff surgeries,long recovery but thankful for a great physical therapist.
  • Steve A

    I had rotator cuff surgeries on both of my shoulders in 2015.

    The first in February and the second in September. Friends I have talked with who have had these surgeries say it is worst thing they have ever experienced. After my 2 surgeries I tell these friends that perhaps they chose the wrong surgeon. By following his instructions and physical therapy protocols I have had little discomfort and and healing nicely.

    I cannot give a more heartfelt and sincere testimonial on behalf of Dr. Badman. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have given a big part of my life back to me.

    Anyone considering shoulder surgery should definitely consider him. Keep up the good work Doc!
  • Sandra P

    Best decision and an awesome doctor and staff! I couldn’t even reach up to adjust my rear view mirror pre-surgery. I can reach overhead for the first time in years. Utterly amazing and more movement than I dreamed I would ever have.

    Here are some secrets to make the process much easier!

    Expect to walk into the surgery room and climb onto the table yourself. How weird is that? Say hi to everyone! They’re going to make you a new shoulder. And you’re going to be sitting up, which makes total sense but isn’t something that you’re thinking about.

    When you wake up, your shoulder and arm are stiff and immobile but they don’t hurt. I thought I would wake up in terrible pain but that wasn’t the case at all. You’ll be in a Napolean pose in the “immobilizer” (a sling with a cushion), that holds you nice and snug. It was simply unfamiliar.

    The shoulder muscles hurt–they’ve been moved around–but the shoulder itself doesn’t. And if, like me, you had lived with pain, what you will deal with post-surgery is a cakewalk. Take the meds, but know that you’re finally on the way up, not down, and this is a good hurt.

    Bring clothes for post-surgery that you can put on with one arm! At the last minute I thought about this and brought loose yoga pants, a loose-fitting tank top and loose cardigan. The physical therapists will teach you how to dress before you leave–and then make sure that you can do it on your own. Good-by, tight jeans. (Oh, and forget about a bra for a few days. Its just not happening. A sports bra that you can wiggle over your head and arm are great after a week.)

    Sleeping is difficult. It just is. You cannot comforably lie down. My brother rented a recliner for the first few weeks and I wish I had done the same. I slept sitting on the sofa with my arm propped up with pillows.

    Commit to physical therapy with a good attitude. You will be absolutely thrilled with your progress if you just follow instructions.

    I hope your outcome is as great as mine! Everyone is rooting for you! Thank you so much, Dr. Badman, Brad and staff. You guys rock!
  • Adolph H

    Please accept my thanks for repairing a shoulder that was operated on four times prior! I wish I found you earlier… it would have prevented me from having years of pain & suffering. Your procedure has resulted in me being “pain free” and accomplishing my goal of being able to swim again. I cannot thank you enough.

    Your office recommended the ATI office on the Southside and that was an excellent choice for me. Jon Ramos and Shradha Choudhary only worked on me. I would recommend them highly as I do you.

    Again, thank you for helping a 70 year old man get new hope.
  • James @ Sara L

    We wanted to thank Dr Badman, our daughter Paula had a bad broken elbow she just had her second surgery, Dr Badman sat down with us and discussed a plan to re-pair the damage, Dr Badman and his staff were very helpful compassionate friendly, Dr Badman is just wonderful so kind very patience, Dr Badman and his staff we thank you for the loving care you gave Paula.
  • John

    Doc is great. Bedside manner bar none. Excellent job on me. Thanks! See this guy if have bad shoulder!
  • Julie G

    I highly recommend Dr. Badman, for rotator cuff surgery or any shoulder injury. He explained the procedure thoroughly. He followed up personally. I have never waited more than 5 minutes for any appointments. My shoulder is doing great following his plan has made my recovery pain free, for me!!

  • SC

    I wanted to thank Dr. Badman and his staff for an excellent outcome. I had a partial replacement that never got rid of my pain. I was worried that I might have to live with that pain the rest of my life. I was very depressed and was giving up the things I enjoyed including lifting my grandbabbies. Dr Badman revised my shoulder to a reversal. My rotor cuff was in bad shape. I am now five years out from the revision and continue to be pain free other than the occasional soreness. I can’t thank this man enough.
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