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Brian L. Badman, M.D.

  • Micheal

    I went to the good Dr. Badman when he with AHN and I had made the decision for him to be my surgeon from that point forward.. I know that he is well trained and skilled surgeon.. He also, communicates very well..I look forward to him repairing my rotator cuff on my left shoulder and giving me back full ROM without pain. He also, has an impeccable reputation with his colleagues and peer group..
  • Mary

    I was told by another doctor that there was nothing they could do for my shoulder. Dr Badman said there was a plan of action we could take. We discussed options and I felt he listened to me and will definitely help me along my journey.
  • Stephen

    He did my right shoulder in 2014 been very happy scince why I picked him again
  • Uta

    I have seen many of the doctors there and each has been most caring and helpful in my medical issues and treatment.
  • Sally

    The dr and the staff were very nice and caring that means so much to me to have them care.
  • Bruce

    Did a great job. Explained everything fully.
  • Bonnie

    First visit to a new MD - feeling much uncertainty when I entered the building - the staff beginning with the front desk were all welcoming & professional - I left feeling very comfortable about facing surgery but I felt I was in good hands.
  • Laurie

    I was referred to Dr. Badman indirectly/discretely by a physician at another practice. At that practice, a procedure was recommended for my shoulder, but the doctor at that practice who performed the procedure was not available to see me for over 2 weeks. In the interim, I called Dr. Badman and was scheduled to be seen within 2 business days. I found him to be very thorough in his explanation of the recommended procedure, including the risks/benefits and expected outcomes. I subsequently saw the surgeon at the original practice, who recommended a totally different procedure. I called and asked to speak with Dr. Badman about this discrepancy. He personally called me back within 30 minutes, and spent 30 minutes explaining the pros/cons of the 2 different procedures. He also gave me guidance regarding the lack of urgency for either of the procedures, and told me to call back with any additional questions. This kind of patient-centered responsiveness is how medicine should be practiced!
  • Ronald

    In 2017 I had a shoulder replacement by another Orthopedic. In 2018 my range of motion became restricted. My wife researched online and watched a video of Dr Badman, who at the time was located in Avon, IN. We learned from this about him, his training and experience with Shoulder Reversal. Made an appointment and had surgery in May 2018. Would definitely recommend Dr Badman and we traveled 179 mi roundtrip to appointment now he's located in Fishers IN. Once you find someone so dedicated to his patients and their well being and go the extra mile for you, you will too!
  • Carlyne

    Fixed the problem!
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Aaron M. Baessler, M.D.

  • Rick kent Morehead

    Excellent care , surgery went well made sure by following up on how I've been doing I would see him again definitely recommend him!
  • Regina Stennis

    Dr Aaron is a wonderful doctor. He has really good bedside manners. And he shows empathy for his patients. The whole staff are really nice.
  • Bryon Mills

    I am a high risk patient refered to Dr Baessler by my orthopedic doctor for a total reverse right shoulder replacement. This is the only surgery I ever had without complications. I have about 75% of mobility and strength return without pain. I never would had believed it could be this good again.
  • Tiffany Hamilton

    I had rotator cuffs tears in both of my arms fixed six months apart by Dr. Baessler. From the beginning consult to the end result, I have been very impressed by Dr. Baessler. He has a wonderful, comfortable manner about him that makes it easy to ask questions, to get the information you need, and the follow up that is needed. I have never had a doctor personally call me after the surgery to check on me, but that's what Dr. Baessler does! He also takes the time to take pictures of what he fixes during surgery and goes over it with you showing and explaining what you are looking at, even though it might be Greek to you! I have also been impressed with his staff who have always been professional, kind, and proficient. They are also very organized and help you with all the steps leading to surgery and beyond. The outcome of both of my surgeries on my rotator cuffs are awesome! I am 6 months out of my right arm and I had full range of motion by 5 months. I am only 2 weeks out of my left arm but its looking good already! You can't go wrong by choosing this doctor and I am extremely glad I did!
  • Jim Boots

    I have found DR Baessler to be very professional and knowledgeable in his field of practice. Always very courteous and able to answer all of my questions and concerns about my surgery procedures. He has also surrounded himself with in my opinion ia very nice, considerate, and knowledgeable staff. I am very happy and pleased with my results from the procedure and my outcome. Thanks very much to you DR Baessler and all your staff. Keep up all your good work.

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