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Brian L. Badman, M.D.

  • Ellis

    Dr. Badman came highly recommended. It was a very informative first visit. I feel very confident that my surgery will be successful.
  • Kathleen

    They all were wonderful. Was asked questions and looked at the xray and MRI and told me the results and how they are going to fix this. Daughter in law was with me and she is PT and she highly recommended DR Brian Badman MD. All his assistance was wonderful. I had a wonderful experience and I will highly recommend Dr Brian Badman MD Thank You!
  • Jeffery

    I came to Dr. Badman for a second opinion and am so glad I did. After looking over my MRI, xrays he determined I did not need surgery at this time. He offered two alternatives to try and I felt very confident in his decision regarding my care. Outstanding physician!!!
  • Glen

    Everyone that we gave information to was professional. The dr. was very professional and explained what was wrong and what could be done and the dangers of surgery. He said he would give a steroid shot to hopefully help with the pain. He was very careful even when he gave the shot because of the danger of nicking an artery or muscle if he went to deep. I feel he was very professional and helped understand the situation.
  • Michelle

    Doctors are Awesome and Rehab Team is Awesome!
  • Terry

    Everyone was really friendly and professional. I'm happy I was referred to Dr. Badman by Amy Goodpaster. Dr. Badman was just as she said, very very intelligent and quick and precise in evaluating what my issue was. I feel like I am in great hands.
  • Kerri

    Dr Badman repaired my torn rotator cuff on my right side in 2021. He did awesome job. He had left Optum where I had my last surgery done. So decided to find him to repair my left side when I started having trouble. He does excellent work!
  • Toni

    Dr Badman and his Resident were refreshing; when I went to the ER for the original evaluation after the accident, I felt 'empty' and 'placated'. This visit however, I felt that I was treated well, educated and my plight was studied and the best course of action taken. It was a collaboration between patient and medical personnel; I feel confident that I will be treated well and my future questions and concerns will be addressed. Very satisfied with the visit. Auxillary staff was very caring and professional also. They leave me with the feeling they will take care of me pre and post op and I'll be a 'poster child' for their practice!
  • Mary

    We arrived several minutes early for my appointment and were surprised that he saw saw me even before my appointment time. Everyone was very courteous and friendly. Dr. Badman explained my problems and what my options were. He made me feel comfortable about the choice to go ahead with surgery. I am looking forward to getting it done, healing and getting back to my regular routine.
  • Fred

    It was a very good experience really liked doctor Badman even with his ND shirt on.
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