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Brian L. Badman, M.D.

  • Joel Otero

    After experiencing pain in my right shoulder in 2013, my General Practitioner performed an evaluation to establish my range of motion, and determined that my condition warranted an X-ray. Upon consulting with the radiologist, my GP referred me to Dr. Badman. Best referral ever! Dr. Badman and his staff were very professional and the treatment that I received was exceptional. As it turned out, I had a torn rotator cuff, as well as torn bicep. He successfully repaired both defects, provided guidance/support throughout my 12 month rehabilitation, and thankfully I regained my full range of motion and strength. I even joke about the fact that it feels like Dr. Badman put a 20 year old shoulder in my now 50 year old body. 2021 and my right shoulder and bicep feel great! Dr. Badman is professional, highly respected, and the only physician entrusted to repair my left (old goat) shoulder should any issues or injuries ever take place. 10/10 definitely recommend
  • Anonymous

  • Kenneth F. Kettler

    It went very well and we came home the same day
  • Anonymous

    Dr. Badman explained my shoulder surgery very well at first(consultation) visit. He came highly recommended and my surgery went well. Am now going to rehab and my physical therapist said I am doing very well.
  • Winnie Soviar

    Dr. Badman and staff were patient, caring and explained my health condition. They took time and I never felt rushed. My specific condition was complex and my questions were many. The surgery itself was meticulous and recovery was uneventful. Most of all, he partnered with me; an approach that I appreciated and responded to the best. I defintely am happy that he is taking care of my shoulder issues.
  • Anonymous

    Dr Badman performed my full shoulder replacement and I can't recommend him enough! He's short sweet and to the point at visits which I appreciate. His office staff is always helpful and will help you get what you need.
  • Larry E. Walker

    I was taken very good care of and had the best of treatment by Dr. Badman and I would recommend him to everyone I know because he is the best in my opinion.
  • Anonymous

    Awesome... They explain what they done and had great bedside maners .
  • Anonymous

    Went very well.
  • bmg

    Dr Badman did my right shoulder in Sept 2020, have regained full range of motion. I'm 92 (almost 93) and I fell in April and broke my left arm. He again, did my surgery. I have nothing but praise for his surgery and care. My therapist says I'm "ahead of the game and kicking butt" Thank you Dr. Badman and staff
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Aaron M. Baessler, M.D.

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